Sep 06

Gain friends and lose character?

Gain friends and lose character?

Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” 1 Corinthians 15:33 NIV

Some, like the Pharisees, have suggested that a “Christian” should not have contact with anyone who does not also believe. However, the very next verse (1Co 15:34) faults the Corinthians for NOT reaching out to their neighbors, “there are some who are ignorant of God–I say this to your shame.”

Gain friends and lose character?

What the verse says is that, although we can be a true friend to non believers, we cannot allow their companionship to erode our beliefs and morality. We can – and should – listen to, pray for, and help our unbelieving friends to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior.

When Jesus walked on earth, He visited with sinners and prostitutes, but He did so with the intention of lifting them up – rather than allowing them to bring Him down to their level of sin. He generally did not criticise or censure them – instead, He gave them an opportunity to find redemption and eternal life.

Never allow a misunderstanding of this verse to limit your contact with others. Whether a person is a believer or not, Christians should be the best neighbors/co-workers/friends that anyone could ask for.

Gain friends and lose character? Never! Instead, let them see our love and give glory to the God that we serve!